why walking will save you

Good Work, Journeying Together
hiking in Wales

[an excerpt from my book, first written one New Years Day, to remind myself of all the reasons to keep walking as much as possible]

Why Walking Will Save You

  1. It brings you into solidarity with people across time, across the world, across all people groups.
  2. It slows you down.
  3. It gives you space to notice what’s around you, and think or pray.hiking in Wales
  4. It doesn’t exploit the world’s resources.
  5. It doesn’t pollute or increase global warming.
  6. It connects you with the natural world and the seasons.
  7. It connects you with the community in which you live.
  8. It gives you healthy, gentle exercise.
  9. It provides the opportunity to bump into people.
  10. It provides you with vitamin D.
  11. It’s a great way to converse with a fellow walker.
  12. It increases dependence on the local economy.
  13. It’s a spiritual discipline—like fasting.

Know other good reasons? Please share below!

Also – check out your location’s “Walk Score” – highly correlated with the good life! (My home’s score is 85 – “Very Walkable”)

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