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This is part 2 – my second “Wittgensteinian Essay”* exploring the phrase: “a compassionate consent to Reality.” You can find part 1 here. 1.“Reality” is the hard rock on which waves crash, and it is the soft welcome of a mother’s lap. Does it ask for consent? Refusal means denying […]

madonna and child Sassoferrato

I’m using a writing format learned from peacemaker, John Paul Lederach (see his example), to explore a phrase that has become very important to me. I anticipate this to be the first of four parts – and the next one will explore what I mean by “Reality.” A Compassionate Consent […]

It’s an interesting experience reading a book and discovering an author with the same reading list as yourself. I also share with Kevin McClone, who wrote The Road to Joy, a similar career blend of teaching and practical application related to psychology, with measures of theological reflection and contemplative spirituality […]

que es la veritat (from doors of Sagrada Familia)

Remember back when people defended truth? And postmodernists were the enemy for questioning it? Ah, the good ol’ days. With nostalgia, I remember the days when it felt radical to criticize “absolute truths.” Only ten years ago, I was sparring with a large Evangelical organization that initiated a campaign for […]

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Many years ago, I wrote a Master’s thesis on how communities could be a healthy and necessary context for individual wholeness. During my undergrad years, I had been enamoured with the ideals of “intentional communities” that had sprung up throughout the 60s and 70s. Their track records were very mixed, […]

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This summer, I am researching and writing about contemplation and healing. I am also reading, this past week, about protesting across the US. One phrase that has been grounding my thinking about contemplation and healing is that the connection between the two is about our need for a “compassionate consent […]

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We tolerate evil because we are afraid there is no alternative; we keep participating in great harm because we aren’t able to imagine any possible ways to stop. An apocalypse is meant to change this. The word “apocalypse” (which has understandably been trotted out a lot lately) means “revealing” or […]