joel in trees - book

Sorry the 5 day window for a free Kindle copy is now over – but it’s still available for the usual low price 🙂 I wrote the book as “a gentle invitation to explore some of the rhythms and practices that open up the possibility of wholeness in our lives.” […]

interior of the Pantheon in Paris

It is so tempting to give up on religion. When faced with the frustrating, if not horrific, ways in which religions are exploited in order to dehumanize others, maintain power and control, and repress our own inner chaos, it’s no surprise that many have tossed their faith on the rubbish […]

cameraman statue in Bratislava

The main reason I call myself a humanist* is because I believe God is too. Humanists put a high value on the freedom, beauty and experience of humanity, and this was true long before religious violence and oppression (especially in Europe after the Reformation) drove such a huge wedge between […]