the paradox of two passions

sculpture of man holding boy in the air

Imagine two kinds of people who live passionately:

The first type live lives of wild freedom. They hold onto everything lightly, knowing no single thing comes with a guarantee. Yet they believe that life itself is good and beautiful. They are fully present in the moment, open to caring for and receiving from whomever they are with. They share with strangers, listen to the voiceless and lovingly offer transformation to their enemies. They are content when they have much and when they have little.sculpture of man holding boy in the air

The second type live lives of commitment and loyalty. They are solid and dependable – faithful through all kinds of seasons. They work for a better community and for a better world. They defend the weak and speak truth to the strong. They value their rootedness in the past while seeing new possibilities for the future. They create pathways and practices that enable people to live fully and are willing to sacrifice to help others to join in.

Now imagine that, with enough courage to overcome our fears, it might be possible to grow toward both passions at the same time.

Wouldn’t that be crazy.

(The next best thing is that we create communities that nurture and accept both and benefit from both types rubbing shoulders with each other.)

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