We pretend that we all agree that genocide is wrong, but I don’t think it’s true. If we agreed that genocide was wrong, would we still be teaching it in Sunday Schools? How many children still hear the stories of Joshua “conquering” the promised land as a great, God-given victory? […]

cover painting of Brother John

I’ve always had a certain fascination for monastic life. A couple of my favourite movies (Of Gods and Men & The Mission) are all about monks, and I recently visited the monastic home of the inspiring Thomas Merton. So when I had the chance to review Brother John: A Monk, […]

Statue of St. Francis in Assisi

The title for this post might seem naively optimistic, but if that’s true, that’s precisely my point. We no longer seem to expect maturity. A whole generation of millennials are frequently (and unfairly) criticized as immature and not necessarily maturing. We don’t seem to expect maturity from politicians or even […]

[Apologies for the dormancy of my blog – I hope to give it a kickstart later in summer. But for now a book review]: As someone who has, for years, taught human sexuality at a university with many students who grew up with Kiss Dating Goodbye and virginity pledges, I […]

buskers in Park Guell

Tapping into the right kind of energy to motivate and encourage our engagement with the world is crucial. If we’re to avoid the “dark energy” that I wrote about last week, without running out of steam all together, we’ll need to tap into something life-giving and energizing. There was a […]