Mosaic of Maturing Spirituality – a 2016 project

labyrinth mosaic

A couple of years ago I began a project that aims at describing a new model of spiritual development. Last year my article introducing this model was published in The EMCAPP Journal. Since then my best intentions to further this project along have stalled in the midst of a busy year.

But I’m committed to seeing this project keep moving as I think it has the potential to help us think more realistically about how we mature spiritually, and I hope that practical fruit could come from the different lens that this model provides.

Gently critiquing James Fowler’s model of faith development, which has dominated the conversation for the last few decades, I am attempting to form an understanding that is less linear and hierarchical than Fowler’s. I believe that this can help us pay more attention to spiritual development and maturity while being less bogged down by the rigid pathways and potential elitism that sometimes characterized efforts at teaching Fowler’s model in classrooms and churches.

My modest hope is that by blogging my thoughts on this topic, I will find some momentum to move this forward. My greater hope is that posting these thoughts will generate some conversation that will sharpen and steer the ongoing model that emerges. I do not intend that this conversation be particularly “academic” and hope that anyone reading these words feels invited and welcomed to respond. Please dive in with any questions, disagreements or affirmations on Facebook or this site. And if this topic feels appealing to you at all, please consider signing up for email notifications because Facebook is very limited in its ability to keep you posted. The first part of the conversation will be posted soon.

(You could also check out my poem/prayer from a couple of years ago that is something of a companion piece to the more prosaic parts of my model.)

labyrinth mosaic

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