walking on beach with reflection

First of all, my self-conscious tendencies require that I tell you right from the start that a) my kind of self-consciousness may be very different from yours, and b) I wonder if this reveals a lot of pride on my part. My kind of self-consciousness, which I consider one of […]

Coliseum at Arles

Just about everyone who has looked honestly at their own thoughts could admit to at least a season of being agnostic, a time when it seemed impossible to know anything at all about God. During such a season, praying may seem confusing, frustrating or foolish. But prayer is such an […]

walking through hedge

I used to think letting go was about delayed gratification. Kind of like this: the one who loses his life will find it – eventually. But I’ve been thinking that is only the shallowest version of this truth. I’m wondering if the dying and the new life aren’t simultaneous. An […]