Grow something. There is great value in growing something. Even if it’s just a token herb on a kitchen windowsill, it reminds us of what is involved in the production of food and the sustaining of life. The act of cultivation reminds us that our sustenance is based on natural systems that are fragile and yet miraculous. If we have room for a small kitchen garden, we can remind ourselves what food is meant to taste like and come to appreciate the farmers’ market more than the supermarket.

Make or fix something. In our complicated world, we often feel that everything is made in factories and only experts fix things. Consider what useful thing you might do with your hands. Can you look online for instructions and fix that old appliance instead of buying a new one? Can you think of anything that would enhance your life or your household that you could produce yourself?

Re-evaluate lifestyle. With your spouse or in a family meeting or with some close friends, raise the question of whether intentionally choosing to embrace a simpler lifestyle would enable more life-giving work. What would it take to make that simpler lifestyle work? Would others join you or support you in this adventure?


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