the joy of sad music

Lamenting, Embracing Others
refectory at San Damiano

It doesn’t get much better than the right kind of sad song that somehow leaves you, all at once, feeling like you’ve been stripped of your armour, yet you’re stronger, braver and more hopeful.

For me, the music must fit, must open me up, stirring something deep inside.

Good words, true words, aren’t necessary but can help. They don’t have to become my words. But I know the pain of which they speak. And so, finally, I can feel my own pain – not just aware of it, but feeling it. I suppose lots of people can feel their pain all the time, but some of us are way too protected.

Then moved, vulnerable and soft, I stand up stronger, without an armour. I’m not dead/cold-strong, I’m alive/warm-strong.

Then I find courage because along with the pain there is yearning and beauty. I can see through the mess to something better – dim perhaps or still far away, but better.

And there is hope because I am re-connected to my heart, to a pulse that I share with others – near and far.

For me, that’s the joy of sad music. refectory at San Damiano

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